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Pharmaceutical Care and Research: 2017; 17(5):334-338
DOI: 10.5428/pcar20170505
Practice of pharmceutical care for children with epilepsy in the inpatient and outpatient departments
1. YANG Rui(Department of Pharmacy,Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to School of Medicine,Shanghai Jiaotong University,Shanghai 200082,China
2. ZHOU Jia(Department of Pharmacy,Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to School of Medicine,Shanghai Jiaotong University,Shanghai 200082,China
ABSTRACT  Objective: To explore the establishment of professional pharmaceutical care mode for children with epilepsy in the inpatient and outpatient departments. Methods: In the process of implementing professional pharmaceutical care mode,the status of drug treatment and chief concerns of family dependants were summarized. Results: Since the establishment of anti-epileptic treatment service from June 2016 to the end of February 2017,the total number of medical care given to epileptic children in the epileptic departments of the hospital amounted to 240 person times,and pharmaceutical care was delivered to 50 cases. Face-to-face communication revealed that 60%-70% of the dependants did not have a comprehensive understanding of disease monitoring,drug administration,chief concerns of epileptic treatment and monitoring of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). About 5% of the dependants were totally ignorant of the knowledge in epilepsy,and about 25% of the dependants were too excessively worried about ADRs. The percentage of the dependants who asked for drug switch or drug withdrawal was as high as 26%. Conclusion: A considerable part of family dependants knew little about epilepsy drug treatment and monitoring of self-medication safety. Professional pharmaceutical care under the comprehensive and tight control of the inpatient and outpatient departments was of positive significance for family dependants to have a better understanding in the effects of epilepsy drug treatment and elimination of excessive concerns over ADRs of prolonged medication,thus promoting medication compliance.
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YANG Rui,ZHOU Jia,. Practice of pharmceutical care for children with epilepsy in the inpatient and outpatient departments[J]. Pharmaceutical Care and Research / yao xue fu wu yu yan jiu. 2017; 17(5): 334-338.
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