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Pharmaceutical Care and Research: 2019; 19(3):226-229
DOI: 10.5428/pcar20190317
One case of intracranial administration of tigecycline for treatment of extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii intracranial infection
1. HUANG Rongbin1(Department of Pharmacy, First People’s Hospital of Xiangtan City,Hunan Province,Hunan Xiangtan 411101,China
2. GU Tiebo(Department of Pharmacy, First People’s Hospital of Xiangtan City,Hunan Province,Hunan Xiangtan 411101,China
ABSTRACT  Objective: To explore the rationality of off-label intracranial administration of tigecycline, so as to provide reference for clinical treatment of the disease.Methods: In the treatment of the patient with intracranial infection caused by extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii, the physicians and pharmacists worked closely together in the analysis and treatment of the case.In accordance with the literature obtained, intravenous infusion and intracranial (ventricular/intrathecal) injection of tigecycline was applied and pharmaceutical care was performed in the whole process of the treatment.Results:Intracranial infection of the patient was controlled, patient consciousness gradually recovered and there were no adverse drug reactions involving nervous system.Three-month medical follow-ups indicated that the general conditions of the patient were good, consciousness and limb function gradually improved.Conclusion: Intravenous infusion combined with intracranial injection of tigecycline might be the right choice for the treatment of intracranial infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria.
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HUANG Rongbin1,GU Tiebo,. One case of intracranial administration of tigecycline for treatment of extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii intracranial infection[J]. Pharmaceutical Care and Research / yao xue fu wu yu yan jiu. 2019; 19(3): 226-229.
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